Magura Brake Pads Race 7.R

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For all those who push their material to the limits in the battle for seconds and require maximum deceleration for short, powerful braking. Organic compound.

It’s a brake system component that is often underestimated. By choosing the ideal pad, you can increase the braking strength by more than 20 % or minimize noise.

The MAGURA Race pad is designed for the highest demands in short braking. But absolute power is not always everything! MAGURA offers you different pad compounds, so you can adjust your brake optimally to you.

MAGURA uses an organic compound with up to 30% metal content in all its bicycle brake pads. By combining a wide variety of materials, an optimal mix of heat resistance, durability and braking power can be achieved. 
The high organic content also isolates the pad’s heat from the calliper more efficiently. This ensures more consistent performance and protects the components of the calliper.